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Group Photographs

Have a lasting memento of your year and time at the

We can photograph any size of group.

Small Group Photo

Large Group photo



£35 to photograph group (up to 80 people) on campus and to provide departmental print and departmental low res jpeg file for the web
£50 to photograph group of 81 people and over and provide the same as above.

* Above prices based on minimum print sales of 6off 10x7 or 8off 7x5 prints as below.

Print Prices

10x7 glossy print in a brown card folder mount as above £12.50 / print
10x7 glossy print in a deluxe charcoal, gold embossed folder mount £13.50 / print

For smaller groups up to 12 people a 7x5 print option is available at £8.95 in a brown folder mount.