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Dr Marcin Mucha Kruczynski


Research Interests

I am a theorist interested in the physical properties of new class of materials, two-dimensional crystals, and the related physical phenomena. Most of my work concerns graphene, the best known two-dimensional crystal, first obtained by mechanical exfoliation of graphite and made of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in regular hexagons. In particular, I am interested in the optical properties of graphene films as well as the influence of strain on the electronic properties of graphene.

Most recently, I am investigating a sandwich system of graphene placed on another two-dimensional crystal, for example hexagonal boron nitride. Because of the difference in lattice constants between the two materials, a moiré pattern is formed with the super periodicity of several nanometres, what leads to formation of new minibands. Moreover, this periodicity is comparable to the magnetic length in strong, yet experimentally achievable, magnetic fields. In such a regime, miniband formation competes with Landau level quantization resulting in a fractal electronic spectrum.


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