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Tel: +44 (0) 1225 383132

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Dr Rob Jack 

Biographical Information

  • Interdisciplinary Lecturer (Chemistry / DAMTP), University of Cambridge 9/17 -
  • Lecturer/EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow, University of Bath, 4/08 - 9/17
  • Postdoctoral researcher, University of California at Berkeley, 1/06 - 3/08
  • Research Associate, University of Oxford, 11/03 - 12/05
  • Ph.D. (Imperial College London) 2004
  • M.Sci (Cambridge) 2000

Research Interests

I study how microscopic events are correlated in space and time. Here, an event might be the movement of a molecule in a liquid, or the creation of a bond between two parts of a virus, as it forms inside an infected cell. Correlations between events have simple origins – for example, if a molecule in a dense material is to move, then other molecules must move out of the way. It follows that events which occur at similar times are often clustered in space. Even this simple effect can have far-reaching consequences, such as dynamical arrest in glass-forming liquids, or viruses that cannot assemble effectively. By developing and applying new theoretical and computational methods, I study event correlations in these systems, aiming to understand and control processes such as the glass transition, crystallisation, and self-assembly.


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