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Senior Lecturer

Office: WH 3.41
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Dr Simon Crampin 


Biographical Information

University of Bath 11/94-
Research Associate, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge 07/93-10/94.

Research Associate, Theoretische Fysika, Katholiek Universiteit Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 01/92-06/93.
Royal Society Leverhulme William and Mary Fellow, 01/91-12/92.
Research Associate, Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College, 10/89-12/90.
Ph.D. (Imperial College, London) 1989.
B.Sc. (Imperial College, London) 1986.

Research Interests

I mainly study the electronic structure of solids, especially at surfaces and interfaces where the reduction in translational symmetry gives rise to new physics. The research involves the development of theoretical and computational techniques, primarily Green function methods and variational embedding schemes which can properly and elegantly accommodate the awkward surface or interface boundary conditions. Much of my work is done in collaboration with experimentalists, where the challenge is to understand and interpret ongoing measurements.
Current work includes modeling scanning tunneling spectroscopy experiments probing surface electron dynamics, developing relativistic theories of embedding, modeling current flow through domain walls, and simulating electron-beam induced deposition.


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