Department of Physics

Creating new opportunities for female physics students and researchers

Fri Feb 10 15:19:00 GMT 2017

A new student-led group called Network of Women in Physics (NWP) was launched on Monday 6 February.

It is founded by three undergraduate students, Mary Coe, Rachel Horder and Rebecca Newson. They were inspired to start the network after attending a Women in STEM Reception, as well as similar networks run by other departments within the university.

The network aims to provide a welcoming environment for female physics students and to encourage interactions between female physicists across all year groups. Social and networking events will be held throughout the year to bring together undergraduate and postgraduate students. The work of female researchers within the department will also be promoted, starting with a conference in April.

Co-founder, Rebecca Newson said: “Our network aims to promote a welcoming environment for female physics students, encouraging interaction and promoting the work of female researchers across the department.

"We also aim to encourage younger women and girls into physics through outreach work. We plan to send students into local schools to encourage girls to study physics and inform them about the subject at university. In future, we hope to further expand the scope of outreach work undertaken by the NWP."

For more information please email Joanna Lucyszyn at