Department of Physics

Students awarded for industry team project work

Wed Jun 01 10:05:00 BST 2016

A team of students have won the Philip Nicholson Award for best poster at the Society for Radiological Protection annual conference.

The work they presented was carried out as part of the final year Industry Team Project unit, in which students work in teams on problems set by industrial partners. 

Physics_arcadis_itp_posterStudents Sophie Trerise, Tim Jones, Ryan Meadows and Fintan O’Brien worked with the global consultancy, Arcadis on the project. 

The team studied an effect known as skyshine, in which the emission from radioactive waste in storage can be scattered by the atmosphere, leading to higher levels of radioactivity than expected at ground level.

Understanding skyshine is important for the safe storage of medium-level radioactive waste. They developed a simplified model of skyshine and compared their results to the more sophisticated Monte Carlo simulation currently used by Arcadis.

The team's Industrial Supervisor from Arcadis, Peter Bryant said: 'This year’s project team have done a fantastic job. They have all been a pleasure to have at the SRP Conference as well and they have made a great impression as ambassadors of the University.'

The team presented their results at the Society of Radiological Protection annual conference on 27 April where they were awarded £500 and a certificate. They have also submitted their work for publication in the Journal of Radiological Protection