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Undergraduate physics student has paper published in scientific journal

Fri May 19 09:11:00 BST 2017

Joey Tindall MPhys student May 2017A paper co-authored by physics student, Joey Tindall, has been published in the scientific journal, Physics Letters B.  

The paper called "Equilibration and freeze-out of an expanding gas in a transport approach in a Friedmann–Robertson–Walker metric" focuses on simulating systems consisting of strongly interacting hadrons (subatomic particles which can take part in the strong interaction).

Joey is currently in his final year of an MPhys Physics degree and worked on the paper during a trip to Germany last summer.

He said: “I went to Goethe University, Frankfurt in 2016 as part of the RISE internship scheme to work at the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS). This is a fantastic scheme which I highly recommend to other undergraduate students.

“My project involved adapting the research group’s computational heavy-ion transport model, known as SMASH, to work in the conditions of an expanding space time. The adaptation was successful and as a result we decided to use the simulation to analyse the freeze-out time of various particles and write a paper on the back of these results.”

Joey’s Tutor, Dr Kei Takashina said: "This is another example of some of the great things our undergraduate physics students get up to. It’s wonderful that Joey has been involved in such high calibre work and his contribution so great that he is first author on this paper.

“The academic publication process often takes a long time and it is relatively rare for undergraduate contributions to be published before the student graduates.”

Read the paper online >>