Department of Physics

Outreach and public engagement

From our undergraduates to senior academics, we are keen to reach out with physics well beyond the traditional realms of academia, research centres and industry. Outreach is embedded into the culture of our department at all levels, from disseminating latest research findings to the general public to communicating the excitement of physics to children.  

Business and local community

physicsbathabbeyhighresEvery year our students apply their knowledge and skills to a wide variety of projects with businesses and the local community. Recent examples include designing a sustainable underfloor heating system at Bath Abbey, modelling possible fallout from a radioactive gas discharge with risk management company SR3C, and developing low-impedance EEG electrodes for start-up Alpha-Active Ltd. If your company or organisation would like to get involved, please contact Dr Peter Mosley.


Science workshops on light

valentsislav-valev-in-schoolTogether with a humanoid robot and a team of PhD students, Dr Ventsislav Valev is leading a series of science workshops in primary schools in and around Bath. The children are given the opportunity to construct a laser setup, to build and play a “light piano”, to grow a crystal structure, to design new materials and to examine light under the microscope.

The activities are aimed at year 6 children but are also accessible to year 5. The workshops are financially supported by the STFC, the Royal Society, the University of Bath, Thorlabs and Zeiss. Consequently, they are free of charge to local schools.

More information can be found on the webpage of the workshops. If your school is interested in taking part in these activities, please contact Dr Ventsislav Valev.

The Physics Roadshow

physicsroadshow2The Institute of Physics (IOP) recently awarded us a Public Engagement grant to establish the Physics Roadshow, a collaborative project with the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution (BRLSI) aimed at taking the fun of physics out to children aged 9-11. Hands-on workshops on sound, electricity and magnetism have reached libraries and community centres of towns and villages in the area, mostly delivered by our undergraduates.


Funding from the University Alumni has recently made it possible for us to join HiSPARC, an international programme of cosmic ray research bringing together universities and secondary schools. Our detectors will be installed over the coming months. If your school is interested in taking part in these activities, please contact Dr Alessandro Narduzzo.

Learning and Teaching

Outreach forms part of units in our undergraduate physics programmes, including as options for Final Year Projects. As a recent example, a pair of students in their final year created a maze to demonstrate the self-propulsion of Leidenfrost droplets at science fairs and local schools which has since received international media coverage. Watch the video below to see the maze in action.


Our Communicating Physics unit enables students to undertake outreach and public engagement activities. As well as exhibiting at events such as Bath Taps Into Science, they also design, deliver and evaluate public engagement activities based on current research in our department, with an enthusiastic researcher acting as a mentor.

Public events

physicsbathtapsOur students and staff are regularly involved in public outreach events – here are some examples:
Bath Taps into Science - Annual science fair for schools and families.
Bath Science Cafe - The Bath Science Café is an informal monthly science forum held in one of Bath's local pubs.
BRLSI - Our academics frequently give public lectures at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution.

In the media

Here are some examples of our academics in the media:

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