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Dr Steve Andrews

Biographical Information:

Senior lecturer, University of Bath 1994-
Royal Society Industrial Fellow, University of Cambridge 1992-4
Senior Research Scientist, GEC-Marconi Hirst Research Laboratories 1985-1992
Research Associate, University of Edinburgh 1982-5
DPhil (Oxford) 1982
MA (Oxford) 1979

Research Interests

Andrew's research has two themes. The first concerns dynamical processes in semiconductors studied with THz radiation generated by femtosecond interband excitation. Highlights include the identification of the mechanisms of THz emission, the coherent control of intra-band processes, and studies of the creation and stability of coherent excitations. The second theme is development of THz devices for spectroscopy, imaging and sensing, with improved dynamic range and bandwidth. Current research, with Maier, is aimed at developing novel THz waveguides using highly confined ‘spoof’ plasmons on metamaterial surfaces.

Selected publications: