Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies

Academic to speak about Brazilian protests surrounding the World Cup

Mon Jun 16 15:50:00 BST 2014

Dr Juan Pablo Ferrero has been invited to contribute to a workshop where he will be speaking about the social meanings and political effects of the current wave of social protest in Brazil in the context of the FIFA 2014 World Cup.

The workshop is focused on methods and research practices, and is due to take place on the 11-13 of July 2014 at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Speaking about the workshop, Dr Ferrero said; "I will argue that the discontent, based on primarily urban and middle class sectors of the population, poses a limit to the government of the Workers' Party who won the elections in 2002 with a strong anti-neoliberal agenda. I will be arguing that we are witnessing a point of critical rupture in the 'move to the left' as we know it in Latin America. In addition, I interrogate the regional implications of these changes in Brazil."

This event forms part of the EU-funded project POPULISMUS and follows on from The People Against the Elites: Conference on Populism in Latin America and Europe that was organised at the University of Bath on the 16 May 2014.