Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies

Professor Bull examines anti-extremism and de-radicalisation in workshop

Wed Apr 08 09:46:00 BST 2015

On 23-24 March 2015 Professor Anna Bull attended a workshop in Vienna restricted to invited participants which was organised by the EU Radicalisation Awareness Network-Voices of Victims of Terrorism (RAN-VVT) .

RAN-VVT includes many European associations of victims of terrorism and was officially launched on 9 September 2011 by Commissioner Malmström.

The Vienna workshop explored the advantages and disadvantages of bringing victims and former terrorists together in programmes that prevent radicalisation to violent extremism and promote de-radicalisation.

In some projects and countries there is cooperation between the two groups to bring a credible message to young people at risk of radicalisation, schools or the general public. In other situations this does not happen for a variety of reasons, including the emotional difficulties experienced by the victims.

At the meeting, representatives of victims' associations, practitioners and researchers discussed good practices as well as the necessary prerequisites that should be met when promoting encounters between victims and former terrorists.

A final report will be prepared and presented to national and EU stakeholders.