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Israel's ambassador meets with students studying Israel-Palestine conflict.

Thu Dec 03 09:25:00 GMT 2015

Israel's Ambassador speaks with students

Israel’s ambassador Eitan Na’eh visited a lecture on campus and talked with students on the politics of the Middle East


On 25 November 2015 Israel’s acting ambassador Eitan Na’eh visited the University of Bath classroom on the politics of the Middle East.

The objective of the visit was to introduce Bath students to multiple viewpoints contributing to their rich academic experience. Students enrolled on the course ‘Contemporary Politics of the Middle East’ had the opportunity to speak with the Ambassador discussing a number of issues including the peace process in the Middle East, Israel’s stance on the two-state solution, threat from the Islamic State and the issue of refugees.

The possibility to engage with a serving diplomat was well regarded by the class. The opportunity of directly talking to those in the position of influence helped them in the process of becoming confident and independent learners. The visit took place during the last lecture of the course which is dedicated to studying Israel-Palestine conflict.

The event was organised by Dr Wali Aslam, Lecturer in International Relations. For any questions, please contact Dr Aslam directly at