Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies

Professor Bill Durodie speaks at the 4th Huaihai Forum in Shanghai

Tue Oct 18 14:22:00 BST 2016


Professor Bill Durodie at the 4th Huaihai Forum in Shanghai


Professor Bill Durodie, Head of the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies, was in China last week to give a talk and moderate a session at the 4th Huaihai Forum held at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.

The subject of the event was 'The International Order in Transition: Global Challenges and Management' and Bill spoke about Brexit, a subject of much concern there.

Specifically, his talk examined the rise of anti-establishment parties across Europe (and beyond), the failure to anticipate the outcome by the UK authorities and media (as well as the consequences of this), and some of the lessons (including Universities appearing out of touch with the communities they are held to understand or engage).

Other sessions explored China’s relations with the US, Russia and the Middle East, as well as its regional partners.

The local speakers included Academy Chancellor Yu Xinhui and Academy Director Liu Ming, as well as Chen Zhimin, Dean of the School of International Relations of Fudan University. Among the foreign participants were Casimir Yost, former Director of the Strategic Futures Group at the US National Intelligence Council, former Korean Ambassador Chung-in Moon, now of Yonsei University, Andrei Kazantsev, Professor at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Jean-François Di Meglio, Director of the French Asia Centre and Patrick Cronin, Director of the Asia-Pacific Security Program at the Center for a New American Security.

In addition, Bill held meetings with senior representatives of Shanghai International Studies University and Tongji University, both of which are keen to explore the potential for future partnership arrangements, including academic exchanges, as well as support for existing and new, Masters programmes.