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Warfare in the 21st Century 

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Next Generation Biosecurity: Responding to 21st Century Biorisks 

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This research cluster is about interaction in the research of conflict, security and international order. It facilitates research cooperation within peace and conflict studies, and within security and military studies, but also between specialists of security/military/war and specialists of peace.

The cluster organises discussions on conflict and security on Thursdays at University of Bath seminar room 1WN 2.4, partly on an ad hoc basis partly as scheduled in seminar schedule (see below).

The cluster supports conferences and teaching on conflicts and security, and it has a MOOC that has attracted a lot of international attention.

If you would like to be included into the mailing list for the cluster to receive invitations to cluster seminars and events or if you have suggestions on activities that the cluster cluster could organize or participate in, please contact the leader of the cluster, Prof. Timo Kivimäki.

Research Themes

  • Causes of violent conflict
  • Conflict, development and state building
  • Cyber security, propaganda and hybrid warfare
  • Ethical, philosophical, religious and aesthetic approaches to peace and violence
  • Foreign policies, security and conflict
  • Gender, race and security/military
  • Global responsibility to protect civilians against violence
  • Memory and legacy of conflict
  • Militarization
  • Modern armed forces
  • Organised crime and violence
  • Politics of risk
  • Politics, regimes and institutions of arms control and disarmanent
  • State-building and peace-building
  • War and technology
  • Women and gender in conflict and post-conflict politics

Geographic Specialisations

  • United Kingdom: conflicts e.g. Northern Ireland, policies, military, discourses, militarisation
  • Europe: military, cyber security, R2P
  • Middle East and North Africa e.g. Syria and Libya: conflict, state-building, chemical weapons, intervention
  • Africa e.g. Rwanda, Sudan and Kenya: state-building, peace-building
  • South and Central Asia e.g. Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka: conflict, drones, limited intervention
  • Southeast and Northeast Asia e.g. China, Korea, Philippines and Indonesia: peace, conflict, democracy, statesmanship, ethics
  • Latin America: Foreign policy


Name Title Research Interests Supervision Areas
Talip Alkhayer Postgraduate Research Student    
Dr Felia Allum Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics    
Dr Wali Aslam Senior Lecturer in International Relations    
Dr Andre Barrinha Lecturer in Conflict & Security
  • European Foreign and Security Policy 
  • Cybersecurity and Cyber-diplomacy
  • The Politics of Security
  • International Political Thought
  • Critical Security Studies
  • European Foreign and Security Policy
  • International Relations Theories
  • Technology and Security
Professor Anna Bull Professor of Italian History & Politics    
Dr Patrick Bury Lecturer in Conflict & Security    
Dr Mattia Cacciatori Lecturer in Conflict & Security    
Luke Cahill Teaching Fellow in Politics    
Andrea Delgado Postgraduate Research Student    
Professor Bill Durodie Professor of International Relations    
Dr Brett Edwards Lecturer in Security & Public Policy    
Professor Brad Evans Professor of Politics    
Professor David Galbreath Dean of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences    
Dr Maria Garcia Senior Lecturer of European Politics    
Professor Paul Higate Professor of Conflict & Security    
Diorella Islas Postgraduate Research Student    
Professor Timo Kivimaki Professor in International Relations
  • Cosmopolitanism
  • Interventions
  • The United Nations (UN)

Dissertations that draw from:

  • cosmopolitanism
  • feminist theory of international relations (IR)
  • those that focus on intervention and conflcit
Dr Yukteshwar Kumar Course Director (MAIT)    
Dimitrios Machairas Postgraduate Research Student    
Dr Peter Manning Lecturer    
Dr Andrea Purdekova Senior Lecturer in Conflict & Security    
Syed Shah Postgraduate Research Student    
Dr Scott Thomas Senior Lecturer in International Relations    
Dr Oliver Walton Lecturer    
Dr Leslie Wehner Senior Lecturer in Politics & International Relations    
Dr Sophie Whiting Lecturer in British Politics    
Dr Pak-Nung Wong Senior Lecturer in Politics & International Relations
  • Statecraft and Geopolitics
  • Small States Studies
  • Future Studies
  • Governance, security and development challenges in post-colonial state-building processes
  • Comparative strategic culture
  • Impacts of new science and technologies in industrial development and global security