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Warfare in the 21st Century 

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Next Generation Biosecurity: Responding to 21st Century Biorisks 

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This research cluster is about interaction in the research of conflict, security and international order. It facilitates research cooperation within peace and conflict studies, and within security and military studies, but also between specialists of security/military/war and specialists of peace.

The cluster organises discussions on conflict and security on Thursdays at University of Bath seminar room 1WN 2.4, partly on an ad hoc basis partly as scheduled in seminar schedule (see below).

The cluster supports conferences and teaching on conflicts and security, and it has a MOOC that has attracted a lot of international attention.

If you would like to be included into the mailing list for the cluster to receive invitations to cluster seminars and events or if you have suggestions on activities that the cluster cluster could organize or participate in, please contact the leader of the cluster, Prof. Timo Kivimäki.

Research Themes

  • Causes of violent conflict
  • Conflict, development and state building
  • Cyber security, propaganda and hybrid warfare
  • Ethical, philosophical, religious and aesthetic approaches to peace and violence
  • Foreign policies, security and conflict
  • Gender, race and security/military
  • Global responsibility to protect civilians against violence
  • Memory and legacy of conflict
  • Militarization
  • Modern armed forces
  • Organised crime and violence
  • Politics of risk
  • Politics, regimes and institutions of arms control and disarmanent
  • State-building and peace-building
  • War and technology
  • Women and gender in conflict and post-conflict politics

Geographic Specialisations

  • United Kingdom: conflicts e.g. Northern Ireland, policies, military, discourses, militarisation
  • Europe: military, cyber security, R2P
  • Middle East and North Africa e.g. Syria and Libya: conflict, state-building, chemical weapons, intervention
  • Africa e.g. Rwanda, Sudan and Kenya: state-building, peace-building
  • South and Central Asia e.g. Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka: conflict, drones, limited intervention
  • Southeast and Northeast Asia e.g. China, Korea, Philippines and Indonesia: peace, conflict, democracy, statesmanship, ethics
  • Latin America: Foreign policy

Cluster Seminars

Date Speaker Title  Venue
Thursday 4th October 2018

Guest Speaker, John Hockey
Chair, Prof Paul Higate (PoLIS)

Temporaility of Military Service 1 West North 2.4
Monday 15th October 2018 Guest Speaker, Tomas Weiss
Chair, Dr Andre Barrinha (PoLIS)
Facing the Pressures of Internationalisation and Securitisation: national governments as the weaker actors? 1 West North 2.5
Tuesday 6th November 2018 Guest Speaker, Mireille Hildebrandt (Vrije Universiteit Brussels) Law, Science Technology & Security Studies: Legal Protection by Design (2nd UACES - INTERSECT Workshop) 4 East 3.10
Tuesday 6th -
Wednesday 7th November 2018
Various 2nd UACES - INTERSECT Workshop Various
Thursday 22nd November 2018 Guest Speaker, Hugh Miall
Chair, Prof Timo Kivimaki (PoLIS)
Peace and Conflict Research Today Chancellors' Building
Thursday 29th November 2018 Guest Speaker, Keyuan Zou
Chair, Prof Timo Kivimaki (PoLIS)
Developments in the Territorial disputes in the South China Sea 1 West North 2.4
Thursday 13th December 2018 Speaker, Prof Timo Kivimaki (PoLIS)
Chair, Dr Scott Thomas (PoLIS)
The Failure to Protect: the path to and consequences of humanitarian interventionalism 1 West North 2.4


Name Title Research Interests Supervision Areas
Talip Alkhayer Postgraduate Research Student    
Dr Felia Allum Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics    
Dr Wali Aslam Senior Lecturer in International Relations    
Dr Andre Barrinha Lecturer in Conflict & Security
  • European Foreign and Security Policy 
  • Cybersecurity and Cyber-diplomacy
  • The Politics of Security
  • International Political Thought
  • Critical Security Studies
  • European Foreign and Security Policy
  • International Relations Theories
  • Technology and Security
Professor Anna Bull Professor of Italian History & Politics    
Dr Patrick Bury Lecturer in Conflict & Security    
Dr Mattia Cacciatori Lecturer in Conflict & Security    
Luke Cahill Teaching Fellow in Politics    
Andrea Delgado Postgraduate Research Student    
Professor Bill Durodie Professor of International Relations    
Dr Brett Edwards Lecturer in Security & Public Policy    
Professor Brad Evans Professor of Politics    
Professor David Galbreath Dean of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences    
Dr Maria Garcia Senior Lecturer of European Politics    
Professor Paul Higate Professor of Conflict & Security    
Diorella Islas Postgraduate Research Student    
Professor Timo Kivimaki Professor in International Relations
  • Cosmopolitanism
  • Interventions
  • The United Nations (UN)

Dissertations that draw from:

  • cosmopolitanism
  • feminist theory of international relations (IR)
  • those that focus on intervention and conflcit
Dr Yukteshwar Kumar Course Director (MAIT)    
Dimitrios Machairas Postgraduate Research Student    
Dr Peter Manning Lecturer    
Dr Andrea Purdekova Senior Lecturer in Conflict & Security    
Syed Shah Postgraduate Research Student    
Dr Scott Thomas Senior Lecturer in International Relations    
Dr Oliver Walton Lecturer    
Dr Leslie Wehner Senior Lecturer in Politics & International Relations    
Dr Sophie Whiting Lecturer in British Politics    
Dr Pak-Nung Wong Senior Lecturer in Politics & International Relations
  • Statecraft and Geopolitics
  • Small States Studies
  • Future Studies
  • Governance, security and development challenges in post-colonial state-building processes
  • Comparative strategic culture
  • Impacts of new science and technologies in industrial development and global security


Past Events


Title Date
International Conference on American Foreign Policy 15-16 September 2016
Conference on Contemporary Security Challenges in Asia 12 June 2015
Conference on Contemporary Security Challenges in Asia 25 April 2014


The table below provides links to further details following past seminar events. You can also access a full listing of past research cluster seminars at the bottom of the listings page.


Title Speaker Date
Raising Silent Voices: How cultural expression of conflict can inform analysis and intervention strategies in Myanmar Dr. Rachel Julian, Senior Lecturer in Peace Studies, Leeds Beckett University 14 March 2017
Following The Wires Dr Daniele Rugo, Senior Lecturer in Film at Brunel University London 21 February 2017
US unipolar preponderance and the nuclear revolution Professor Campbell Craig, Professor of International Relations, Cardiff University 24 November 2016
"You can’t go back." Navigating the Central Mediterranean during Europe’s Refugee Crisis Dr Simon Macmahon, University of Coventry 15 November 2016
Sexual Violence against Men (in conflict) Professor Marysia Zalewski (University of Cardiff) 3 November 2016
Human rights advocacy, war and false narrative: Rwanda revisited Dr Barrie Collins (Independent researcher) 27 October 2016
US Foreign Policy and the 2016 Election: Does it matter? Professor Robert Singh (Birkbeck, University of London) 11 October 2016


Title Speaker Date
The Global Village Myth: Distance, War and the Limits of Power Professor Patrick Porter (University of Exeter) 5 April 2016
A New Discourse for the Palestine Question? Professor Ilan Pappe (University of Exeter) 8 March 2016
The Politics of Subjectivity in American Foreign Policy Discourses Dr Ty Solomon (University of Glasgow) 25 February 2016
Genocide and the Ending of a War Dr Klejda Mulaj (University of Exeter) 18 February 2016
Security Communities in South America: ABC countries and cooperation towards the Region Dr Jaime Baeza Freer (University of Chile) 9 February 2016
Future Spooks: Secret Intelligence in 2025 Professor Richard Aldrich (University of Warwick) 28 January 2016
State Security Structures: Paramilitaries and Pro-government militias Dr Govinda Clayton (University of Kent) 3 December 2015
The Paradox of Conflict Tourism: The Commodification of War, or Conflict Transformation in Practice? Professor Feargal Cochrane (University of Kent) 1 December 2015
The Restless Reservist: Gendered Labour and the Reproduction of Britain’s Warfighting Capacity Dr Victoria M Basham (University of Exeter) 24 November 2015
Triumph and Tradgedy: The Victory of Just War Dr Cian O'Driscoll (Glasgow University) 20 October 2015
Targeted killings and drones: The morality of lesser evils (Skype event) Professor Akbar S. Ahmed (American University in Washington)
Dr Brian Glynn Williams (University of Massachusets, Dartmouth, USA)
Ms Jenufer Gibson (Reprive's coordinator on drone strikes in Pakistan)
6 October 2015


Title Speaker Date
Foundations of the American Century: Ford, Carnegie and Rockefeller Foundations in the Rise of American Power Professor Inderjeet Parmar (City University London) 7 May 2015
Obama the "innovating ideologist": imminence and justifications for counter-terrorism from Bush to Obama Dr Luca Trenta (Swansea University) 5 May 2015
Twin Births, Divergent Democracies: The Historical Origins of Indian and Pakistani Politics Today Maya Tudor (University of Oxford) 28 April 2015
Anthropologists at War: The United States Army’s Human Terrain System in Iraq and Afghanistan Christopher Sims, King's College London 14 April 2015
Cross-Conflict Dialogue: Testing the Contact Hypothesis with Israelis and Palestinians Professor Rosemary Hollis (City University London) 3 March 2015
Transforming Insecurity from the Grassroots Dr Eric Herring (University of Bristol) 9 December 2014
The creation of governments-in-waiting: the Arab Uprisings and legitimacy in the international system
Dr Glen Rangwala (University of Cambridge) 4 December 2014
Nation States and the Political Geography of the Middle East, 1800-2040 Dr William Gallois (University of Exeter) 25 November 2014
Jerusalem: Microcosm of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Professor Mick Dumper (University of Exeter) 19 November 2014
The Gulf Monarchies: From Arab Spring to Counter-Revolution Dr Chris Davidson, Durham University 11 November 2014
IS in Iraq and Syria: The Militant Subject Dr Faisal Devji, University of Oxford 7 October 2014