Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies

Security Communities in South America: ABC countries and cooperation towards the Region

Dr Jaime Baeza Freer (University of Chile)

9 February 2016

Dr Jaime Baeza Freer

This seminar was presented by Dr Jaime Baeza Freer


Security and Defence is a more secure form of regional integration, under the notion of security communities adapted from Deutsch by Adler and Barnett (1998). Nonetheless, this research claims that in order to consolidate the South America security community ascendant phase, Brazilian leadership is needed, although not yet provided. Brazil needs to expand its action, which is sharing the responsibility and benefits with secondary powers in the region that are willing to expand their strategic size, namely Argentina and Chile. Both countries, can provide an excellent platform for combined activity that can place security and defence as the cornerstone of future consolidation of the community. Also, both are already working in a combined force named “Southern Cross”, which is and specialized in peacekeeping. The above, since trade and the economy had not proven to be a successful so far. To illustrate our argument, a formal model of rational relations is presented and it is concluded a series of possibilities for further cooperation, deeper interactions and networks within the community in South America.

Furthermore, we will present the case of Chile in its relations with Unasur and the Asia Pacific nations. that county shows an counterexample of the rest of the region policies towards joining only one sub regional pact, and with no cooperation diversification.
About the speaker

Jaime Baeza Freer PhD in Political Science, University of Essex. MA in Latin American Studies, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University. Deputy Director of the National Academy for Political and Strategic Studies, Ministry of Defence of Chile. Tenured Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Chile.