Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies

Genocide and the Ending of a War

Dr Klejda Mulaj (University of Exeter)

18 February 2016

Dr Klejda Mulaj

This seminar was presented by Dr Klejda Mulaj


The coupling of genocide with war is one of the most serious security predicaments facing humanity in modern times. The persistence of this odious scourge renders imperative the understanding of the functions of genocide in the course of war and its aftermath, functions which will be examined with particular reference to the Srebrenica genocide of July 1995 – the darkest moment in European history since the Holocaust. This seminar was grounded on a critical examination of genocide and its close connection with war – frequently mediated by the state. The instrumental utility of genocide in the post-conflict setting reflects rationales that strike at the heart of the enhancement of national identity and (contested) claims for political authority and legitimacy. It is also embedded in numerous litigation at the ICTY and the ICJ which raise to-date unresolved questions both for law and policy making.