Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies

Governance and Resistance

Our research examines the relationships between governance institutions, democratic legitimisation and policy processes. We have expertise in Political Parties and Party Government, Political Behaviour, Environmental Policy, European Integration and Euroscepticism; Terrorism, Organised Crime and Corruption, in the following political spaces: the UK, Australia and New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the European Union, Central and Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans and Latin America.

Our core themes are:

  • Citizenship and political engagement
  • Governance after the global financial crisis
  • Environmental policy and politics

We apply a cross-disciplinary approach, incorporating political science, public policy analysis, political sociology and anthropological and historical perspectives.

Research focus

  • Legislative politics, party politics and political participation
  • Citizenship and socio-political movements, migration and multiculturalism
  • Multi-level governance within the EU and internationally
  • Policy-making in fields such as social and welfare policies, climate, energy and sustainability, migration policy, and foreign and defence policies

Core themes

Citizenship and political engagement

Staff Research
Prof Anna Bull
  • Post-terrorism reconciliation and victims' activism for truth and justice in Italy
Dr David Galbreath
  • Minority rights governance and political engagement
Dr Peter Lambert
  • Democratization, governance and political organisation in Paraguay
Dr Steve Wharton
  • LGBT activism from a comparative Franco-British perspective

Governance after the global financial crisis

Staff Research
Prof Anna Bull
  • Northern League's influence on policy-making
Prof Charles Lees
  • Party politics of growth and competiveness

Environmental policy and politics

Staff Research
Prof Charles Lees
  • Environmental politics and policy
Dr Joseph Szarka
  • Energy policy, with particular reference to renewables
  • Climate policy in the EU
  • Environmental policy and politics
Student research

Some of our student research projects also relate to this cluster.