Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies

Building international trade and encouraging growth

Representing 85% of the world economy and 66% of the global population, the G20 is a the reflection of the realities in the 21st century

Shipping containersThe Global Financial Crisis that began in 2008 has shaken the faith of many in the efficacy of free markets and challenged existing models for encouraging economic growth.

At the same time, processes of international trade liberalisation continue and our researchers, such as Dr Maria Garcia on EU links with Asia-Pacific and Dr Gian Luca Gardini on forging links with Latin America, promote a better understanding of the key role of the European Union in building international trade links and encouraging future growth.

This strand of research has a huge potential impact, for instance Dr Gian Luca Gardini’s research has informed diplomatic debate and practice, contributed to creating wealth in the financial and productive sectors, and challenged traditional assumptions about Latin America in the European media and civil society.

Our researchers have also worked with key stakeholders such as the Chilean Foreign Office, the International Institute of Strategic Studies, and Jardine, Lloyd and Thompson.