Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies

Departmental seminar series

Seminars 2016/17

Registration is not required for these seminars. For further information please contact Dr Sophie Whiting,

All events are scheduled to take place in 1 West North, Room 2.4 at 13.15-14.05 unless specified otherwise.

Jacques Rancière and the Improper Community

The history of politics: The African National Congress, the legacies of
the liberation struggle, and electioneering in South Africa

Date Speaker Title
4 October 2016 Prof Liz Gunner (University of Johannesburg)

Dr Tom Penfold (University of Johannesburg)
Politics, Popular Culture and Two Nations: Brazil and South Africa

Exploring Brasilidade through the Crime Fiction Tradition in Daniel Galera’s Blood-Drenched Beard
13 October Dr Annette Idler (University of Oxford) 3East 2.4 Regulating cocaine: financiers and nacro-brokers in the illegal drug business
18 October 2016 Daria Mattingly (Cambridge University) Contextualising Collectivism
20 October 2016 Dr Jason Rancatore (American University) Objects and Objectives? "Women" in US Diplomacy, 1919-1945
25 October 2016 Margaret Curran (Scottish Labour Party) What is going on in Scotland? The state of Scottish politics and where the Labour party fits in to this
17 November 2016 Dr Alex McKenzie (University of Liverpool) Why is it always about more data? The United Kingdom in the Area of Freedom, Security, and Justice
29 November 2016 Dr John Morrison (University of East London) Copying to be different: terrorist learning and violent dissident republicans
8 December 2016 Dr Sam Greene (Kings College London) Building Autocracy from Above and Below: The Co-Construction of Putin's Popularity After Crimea
13 December 2016 Dr Jonathan Newman (University of Sussex) How do we imagine peace in Colombia? A discussion on a peace process, violence and our own position
16 February 2017 Mr Syd Morgan (University of Swansea) Nationalisms Old & New: Comparing Plaid Cymru and the SNP
7 March 2017 Prof Jon Tonge (University of Liverpool) Brexit and the British Border in Ireland
16 March 2017 Dr Matt Graham (University of Dundee) The history of politics: The African National Congress, the legacies of the liberation struggle, and electioneering in South Africa
21 March 2017 Dr Bill Davies (Central London Forward) 3East 2.4 Do unemployment programmes work? Lessons from Europe, the US and the UK
23 March 2017 Dr Michelle Bentley (Royal Holloway, University of London) The Road to Hell: Syria, Chemical Weapons, and US Foreign Policy
30 March 2017 David Stroup (University of Oklahoma) "Without Islam, we’re not Hui": Islamic faith, daily rituals and the everyday performance of Hui identity
2 May 2017 Dr Kevin Inston (University College London) Jacques Rancière and the Improper Community
4 May 2017 Dr Svetlana Stephenson (London Metropolitan University Gangs of Russia: From the streets of the corridors of power

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