Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies

Departmental seminar series

Seminars 2015/16

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Date Time Speaker Title Room
19 May 2016 1:15pm Briony Neilson (University of Sydney) Regenerating the Criminal, Representing the Nation: Criminality, Honour and Militarism in Third Republic France 1 West 2.103
12 May 2016 1:15pm Dr Imogen Long (University of Hull) French women intellectuals negotiated narratives of political tension and ideological fervour in the Cold War 1 West 2.103
5 May 2016 1:15pm Dr Juliet Carpenter (Oxford Brookes)
Dr Christina Horvath
Voices and Images from the Banlieue: Towards co-creation of knowledge 1 West 2.103
28 April 2016 1:15pm Dr Susan Milner Learning & teaching, disseminating good practice 1 West 2.103
25 April 2016 1:15pm Dr Roman Bartosch (University of Cologne) Transcultural Ecology 1 West North 2.4
14 April 2016 1:15pm Dr Sofia Vasilopoulos (York University) Euroscepticism and the radical right 1 West 2.103
7 April 2016 1:15pm Dr Archie Simpson European micro-states in international politics 1 West 2.103
14 March 2016 1:15pm Guzel Yusupova (European University at St.Petersburg) Islam and ethnicity in Tatarstan 2010s: everyday nationalism approach 1 West North 2.4
10 March 2016 1:15pm Dr Penny Miles Compliance in relation to rulings from the Inter-American Court of Human Rights 1 West 2.103
3 March 2016 1:15pm Mario Trifuoggi (Goldsmiths, University of London) Coming out of the grey zone: The regeneration of confiscated assets as social opposition to Mafia governance 1 West 2.103
23 February 2016 1:15pm Diana Francis Peacebuilding and conflict moderation in south Asia 1 West North 2.4
16 February 2016 1:15pm Caroline Gray The politics of Basque fiscal autonomy in Spain: Shaping nationalist agendas and conceptions of sovereignty 1 West North 2.4
11 February 2016 1:15pm Shaun Danquah (London Metropolitan University) An analysis of urban context and its relevance to global jihad: The history of Brixton and how its young people become sceptical to Islamic extremism with a local context 1 West 2.103
9 February 2016 1:15pm Professor Jaime Baeza Freer (Instituto de Asuntos Públicos, Universidad de Chile) Democracy in Chile and regional security 1 West North 2.4
4 February 2016 1:15pm Dr Nicholas Startin British Euroscepticism 1 West 2.103
12 November 2015 1:15pm Sophia Chatzisavvidou, Goldsmiths (University of London) Populist movements in Greece 1 West North 2.4
22 October 2015 1:15pm Brett Edwards & Mattia Cacciatori (University of Bath) Chemical weapon use in Syria: Lines in the sand? 1 West North 2.4
15 October 2015 1:15pm Chis Bowkett (University of Bath) Civil society and resistance against organized crime in the South of Italy 1 West North 2.4
8 October 2015 1:15pm Dr Tom Penfold, Centre for Anthropological Research (University of Johannesburg) A Specific Kind of Violence: Insanity and Identity in Contemporary Brazilian and South African Literature 1 West 2.30
1 October 2015 1:15pm Axel Goodbody (University of Bath) Climate Scepticism in the USA and Germany 1 West 2.30

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