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Dr Aurélien Mondon

Senior Lecturer in French and comparative politics working on racism, populism, the far right and the crisis of democracy

Aurelien Mondon

Deputy Head of Department
Senior Lecturer in French and comparative politics
Director of Learning and TeachingPhD

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Dr Mondon joined the Department in September 2012. He comes from an interdisciplinary background focusing on discourse analysis, politics and history, as well as French and Australian studies.

Dr Mondon currently works on various project related to racism and right-wing populism, and their impact on liberal democracy.

His various academic and media contributions can be found on his blog.

Research Interests

Working primarily in the recent mainstreaming of the extreme right, and the impact of neo-racist and right-wing populist discourse on liberal democracies, Dr Mondon's research interests include:

  • Racism, 'neo-racism' and Islamophobias in elite discourse
  • Right-wing populism and the people as a ‘threat’ to democracy
  • The extreme and radical rights and their influence on mainstream politics (historical and contemporary)
  • French and Australian modern and contemporary history and politics
  • The relationship between voting and democracy

Current projects



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Book Sections

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Non-academic press

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