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Dr Brett Edwards

A lecturer in security and public policy working at the intersection of technology, security and global governance

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Brett Edwards joined the faculty in 2015 as a Lecturer. He will be teaching on a number of international security units this year. He has a wide range of research interests and is currently involved in a number of projects examining the security implications of cutting-edge biotechnology, the governance of biological and chemical weapons as well as humanitarian intervention.

He has recently finished a project funded by the ESRC, working on how the convergence of the biological and chemical sciences impacts on international arms control and national resilience. The Principal Investigator on this Project was Professor David Galbreath. This project ended in January 2015. This project was part of the Science and Security programme.

Before holding this post, Dr Edwards held a number of research and teaching positions. He also completed a Wellcome funded research fellowship at the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology in 2013. He has an interdisciplinary academic background in the natural and social sciences. His PhD involved a comparative case study of national approaches to addressing security challenges raised by 'synthetic biology', which is a promising area of biotechnological innovation. Dr Edwards also holds a MA in biotechnological law and ethics.

Dr Edwards regularly contributes to expert meetings on biological and chemical weapons. Most recently this has included involvement with a civil society initiative designed to foster collaboration between UK and Chinese scientists in the area of Chemical, Biological and Nuclear verification.

Research Interests

  • Global Governance
  • Responsible Innovation
  • 'Technical Expertise' in policy making
  • Taboo weapons
  • Resilience
  • Disarmament


  • Brett has run seminars for several undergraduate modules including Political Ideologies, Key Concepts in Politics and  International History.
  • Brett has also taught on a number of MA level units in the area of international security and foreign policy analysis.
  • Currently Brett runs the Contemporary International Security MA module.


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