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Brian Neve

Honorary Reader specialising in the art and politics of film – especially in the USA

Brian Neve

Honorary Reader in Politics BA, MA


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I worked at the University of Bath for over thirty years, developing an expertise in archive and other forms of historical research relating to American film and politics.

I’ve worked extensively in Los Angeles on studio archives, and my published work includes:

  • studies of the Hollywood Left
  • the Hollywood Blacklist
  • filmmakers including Robert Rossen, Elia Kazan, Joseph Losey and Cy Endfield

I’ve also worked on aspects of British film and the British film industry.

At the University of Bath I taught units (including on the MA on European Film) on Film and Politics, Documentary, American Politics, and the Politics of the Media. I was also Deputy Director of Studies in the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies.

I introduced archive film series in 2015/2016 in Madison Wisconsin, Anthology Cinema Archives in New York, and at UCLA. I’ve introduced films at the Watershed, Bristol and at the National Gallery, London, and contributed to radio broadcasts on film and cultural topics, and on American elections.

Research interests

  • The studios and Hollywood ‘independence’, especially 1940s-60s
  • The thirties generation of liberal-leftist directors and writers
  • The Hollywood Left and the Blacklist
  • Contemporary political narratives in film
  • The film production process: producers, directors, writers etc.

Current projects

  • Vidor’s Our Daily Bread and 1930s politics/film
  • The Hollywood Blacklist (ongoing)
  • Film and society/politics
  • Film Noir and politics
  • Budd Schulberg



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