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Professor Charles Lees

Charles Lees is an academic member of staff with teaching duties. His research focuses on comparative party systems, coalition government, politics and policy.

Charles Lees

Professor of Politics

1 West North 2.34
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 3294

PhD supervision

I am interested in supervising new PhD students.

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Professor Lees joined the University of Bath in 2011. He delivers academic teaching and provides PhD supervision. He has an international research profile and is available for media comment and consultancy.

Related posts

  • Visiting Fellow at the University of Birmingham
  • Visiting Scholar at Cardiff University
  • Visiting Professorial Fellow at the University of Sussex
  • Visiting Professor at Plymouth University
  • External Examiner (BA, MA, European Studies Programmes) at Royal Holloway, University of London
  • External Examiner (BA, MA, Public Policy Programs) at the University of Malta

Career achievements

Professor Lees has spoken at numerous international conferences and workshops.

  • Head of Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies (2012-2015)
  • Elected Chair of the International Association for the Study of German Politics (2011-2014)
  • Awarded the Political Studies Association Prize for best article in the journal Politics (2007)
  • Managing Editor of Journal of Common Market Studies (JCMS) (2002-2010)
  • Editor of the Manchester University Press book series ‘Issues in German Politics’ (1999-2006)
  • Member of UK HEFCE C-SAP reference group for teaching and learning in the discipline of Politics (2001–2009)
  • Member of UK Political Studies Association Executive Committee (1999–2006)
  • Visiting Scholar at the University of California San Diego (2005)
  • Visiting Scholar at the Australian National University (2007)
  • Visiting Scholar at the University of Sydney (2010)


  • PhD German Studies, University of Birmingham (awarded June 1998)
  • MA European Politics (Distinction), University of Essex (awarded July 1995)
  • BA Modern European Studies (First Class Honours), Thames Valley University (awarded July 1993)


  • Comparative party systems
  • Coalition government
  • Environmental politics and policy
  • Multi-level governance
  • Methodology


  • Discounting our future: towards an understanding of how we model pure time preference and how this impacts upon environmental policy making



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Non-academic press

Lees, C., 2016. What does the success of the right-wing AfD mean? Prospect Magazine

Lees, C., 2016. Jeremy Corbyn could transform the Brexit debate – but does he want to? The Conversation

Lees, C., 2016. Mayoral maths: why backing Brexit was the only option for Boris Johnson. The Conversation

Lees, C., 2015. Poll says 66% of Labour members support Corbyn – but it’s hard to find a friend in parliament. The Conversation

Lees, C., 2015. Plenty for Labour’s new recruits, but Corbyn speech was no vote winner. The Conversation

Lees, C., 2015. The saint in the bear pit:reviewing Jeremy Corbyn’s first PMQs. The Conversation

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Lees, C., 2015. Chaired UK Political Studies Association ‘Hear from the Experts’ Google Hangout on Britain and Europe.

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