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Dr Christina Horvath

Senior Lecturer in French with expertise in contemporary urban issues and narratives.

Director of Impact
Senior Lecturer in French Politics PhD

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I completed my PhD at Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle and lectured at the universities of Montreal, Toronto and Oxford Brookes before joining the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies in 2015.

The central topic of my research is the figure of the city, not merely as a topic or a setting but also as a space of encounter between cultures and a locus of political power and literary legitimacy.

I have published widely on urban literature before turning towards representations of disadvantaged communities in the French suburbs.

Informed by sociology, philosophy, cultural studies and postcolonial theory, my current research continues to be related to urban experiences such as contemporary narratives focusing on the French urban periphery as well as the impact of Paris on literary works produced by Francophone migrant writers.

I am interested in urban culture, migration, diaspora, disadvantaged urban communities and their representation in contemporary writing and popular culture. My research interests lie in the areas of postcolonial and cultural studies.

In 2012, I co-founded Banlieue Network and ran a two-year AHRC-funded project which involved organising several workshops, conferences, summer schools and a touring exhibition promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and fighting stigmatisation in vulnerable urban areas.

I contribute to French Studies units throughout the BA (Hons) Modern Languages and European Studies programme, including final year units on the banlieue and postcolonial France.

My particular areas of interest include urban narratives in twentieth and twenty-first century France, Africa and the Caribbean. The central topic of my research is the figure of the city in contemporary culture and society.

My current research addresses issues of immigration, diaspora, representations of ethnic minorities, French urban policies, banlieue narratives since the 2000s as well as urban literature in the Francophone world.

Research interests

  • Contemporary urban narratives in France and the Francophone world
  • Diaspora and representations of ethnic minorities
  • The city in contemporary literature, film and art
  • Migration, communities, multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism, otherness
  • Memory and identity in the Francophone world
  • Postcolonial and cultural studies

Current projects