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Dr David S. Moon

A lecturer in politics researching post-devolution UK politics, rhetoric and oratory, and ideology and power relations in multi-level political institutions.

David Moon

Lecturer in Politics
Admissions Tutor for Politics Programmes

1 West North 4.1
+44 (0) 1225 386876

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Dr Moon joined the Department in 2013 as Lecturer in Politics. He was awarded his PhD from the University of Sheffield. He is Deputy Director of Studies for undergraduate programmes in politics.

His research aims to combine the insights offered by contemporary political theory with the analysis of day to day politics.

This research has an overarching focus upon ideological power relations within political parties operating with multi-level systems of governance.

This subject is studied via a discursive analytical approach, studying actors’ rhetoric, oratory and other articulatory practices.

Dr Moon is Reviews Editor for Parliamentary Affairs and a member of these groups:

  • Political Studies Association (PSA)
  • Network for Oratory and Politics (NOP)
  • Institute of Welsh Affairs (IWA)
  • Politics beyond the Mainstream Research Group (University of Bath).

Research interests

Current research focuses, empirically, upon British and UK politics, in particular the Labour Party and Welsh politics post-devolution. Further publications focus upon post-structuralist and agonist theory.

His article ‘The problem of letting go: The ‘Big Society’, accountable governance, and the curse of the decentralising minister’, won the Sam Aaronovitch Memorial Prize for the best article in Local Economy in 2011.

  • British politics and Devolution
  • Welsh politics
  • Labour Party politics
  • Multi-Level Political Parties (MLP)
  • Ideology and Hegemony
  • Rhetoric and Oratory
  • Agonist Theory


  • Devolution
  • British Politics
  • Welsh Politics
  • Political Parties
  • Ideology, Rhetoric
  • Post-structuralism





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Non-academic press

Moon, D., 2016. The same, but different:Wales and the debate over EU membership. Open Democracy

Cutts, D. and Moon, D., 2015. Why the rise of UKIP is a significant threat to Welsh Labour. Open Democracy


Moon, D., 2015. Review of 'Comradely Greetings: The Prison Letters of Nadya and Slavoj' by Nadya Tolokonnikova & Slavoj Žižek in ID: International Dialogue, 5.Vol. 5.

Moon, D., 2009. Review of 'Clear Red Water: Welsh Devolution and Socialist Politics' by Nick Davies & David Williams in Renewal, 17.Vol. 17.

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