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Dr Jennifer Thomson

A lecturer in comparative politics focusing on gender, post-conflict societies and devolution in the United Kingdom.

LecturerBA, MA, PhD, FHEA

1 West North 2.17b
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 5912

Twitter (@jencthomson)


Jennifer joined the Department in September 2017 as a Lecturer in Comparative Politics.

She received her ESRC funded PhD from the School of Politics and International Relations, Queen Mary University of London, in 2016. Her thesis considered the politics of abortion legislation in contemporary Northern Ireland from a feminist institutionalist perspective. A book based on her thesis is forthcoming with the 'Politics and Gender' series at Palgrave Macmillan.

Her core research interests are gender and politics, broadly defined; devolution in the contemporary United Kingdom; and women’s rights in post-conflict divided societies. In her current research, she is particularly interested in how power-sharing democracies inhibit gendered political representation.

She currently co-convenes the PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group.

Her work has been published in, amongst others, the British Journal of Politics and International Relations, the International Political Science Review and Politics. As a former Managing Editor of the LSE British Politics and Policy blog, she has a keen interest in using blogs and social media to promote academic research.

Research interests

  • Gender and politics
  • Gender and international relations
  • Feminist institutionalism
  • Post-conflict institutions
  • Power-sharing


Book Sections

Thomson, J., 2017. Forthcoming. A ‘United’ Kingdom?: the 1967 Abortion Act and Northern Ireland. In: Abortion in Anti-Choice Islands: Crossing Troubled Waters. Prince Edward Island University Press.


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