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Dr Juan Pablo Ferrero

Lecturer in Latin American studies with particular expertise in social movements and democracy in the post-transition in Argentina and Brazil

Juan Ferrero
Lecturer in Latin American Studies
Director of StudiesBA (Hons) Modern Languages and European Studies (years 3/4)

1 West North 4.37b
+44 01225 38 5268

Recent publications

Cristina Fernandez: The Grand Elector of Argentina
teleSUR, 20 June 2015

The death that divided Argentina's media
Al Jazeera, 28 February 2015

Public lectures


Dr Ferrero joined the Department in 2012. He holds a PhD on political sociology from the University of Bath. His thesis is entitled 'The Politics of democratisation in post-transition contexts: social movement organisations and trade unions in the production of democratic subjectivities in Argentina and Brazil'.

His latest book was published by Palgrave Macmillan USA (2014): 'Democracy Against Neoliberalism in Argentina and Brazil: A Move to the Left'. The book examines the complex roots of the left turn in Argentina and Brazil. Originating in the 1990s in a process of mobilization from below against neoliberalism, this turn gained visibility in the 2000s and continues through the present day.

Offering an in-depth analysis of key protagonists, including social movement and trade union organizations, Juan Pablo Ferrero deploys an original analytical model for understanding the nature, meaning, and organizational complexity of the emerging democratic force. Democracy against Neoliberalism in Argentina and Brazil asks us to examine closely what we mean by democracy and offers suggestions for how the left should approach democratic manifestations in order to make radical democracy the center of a renewed political strategy.

He has been awarded a number of grants and prior to his appointment at Bath worked in academic institutions in Buenos Aires and Wellington.

Research Interests

  • Democracy
  • Social movements
  • Discourse theory
  • Populism
  • Left-wing politics
  • Latin American politics



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Book Sections

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Dinerstein, A. C. and Ferrero, J. P., 2012. The limits of participatory democracy: social movements and the displacement of disagreement in South America. Working Paper. Bath: Centre for Development Studies, University of Bath.

Conference or Workshop Items

Ferrero, J., 2016. Post-neoliberal protest in Latin America as struggle over the name of the people (Argentina/Brazil). In: Society of Latin American Studies (SLAS) Annual Conference, 2016-04-07 - 2016-04-08, UK.

Ferrero, J., 2016. 'A moment' or the own 'logic' of politics? An appraisal of contemporary Latin American populism. In: Political Studies Association, 2016-03-21 - 2016-03-23, UK.

Non-academic press

Ferrero, J. and Bressa Florentin, D., 2017. Why Latin America has not yet fallen out with left-wing politics. The Conversation

Ferrero, J., 2016. Brexit: entendiendo una decisión poco británica. Panamá Revista: no todo es política

Ferrero, J., 2016. Four decades after coup, people power is driving change in Argentina. The Conversation

Ferrero, J., Walton, O. and Kennedy, P., 2016. 2015:the year in elections. The Conversation

Ferrero, J. P., 2015. Shock result forces Argentine election to second round – and threatens humiliation for Scioli. The Conversation

Ferrero, J., 2015. How Latin America has blazed a trail by tackling inequality. The Conversation

Ferrero, J. P., 2015. Argentina protests:middle class marchers move in the shadows – and on social media. The Conversation

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Ferrero, J. P., 2014. World Cup protests reveal how much Brazilian politics has changed. The Conversation

Ferrero, J. P., 2014. Lazos entre la izquierda latinoamericana y europea. Rebelión

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