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Dr Karoline von Oppen

Karoline von Oppen

Senior Lecturer in German

1 West North 2.29
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 6334

PhD Supervision

Karoline is currently supervising a PhD on shopping and identity in Eastern Germany. She is interested in working on projects relating to the German media, German/Balkan relations, and the representation of war and questions of identities in Germany.

Current research

Karoline’s current research is concerned with the representation of conflict, and she is part of two research clusters; 'Norms, Identities and Representations' as well as 'Conflict, Security and International Order'.  She hosted a workshop at Bath in September 2011 which focuses on the Bosnian city of Sarajevo since the siege of 1992-1995, funded by CEELBAS.


Karoline von Oppen is currently Director of Undergraduate Programmes in the Department. Her teaching is mainly in the area of contemporary German politics and business. At present her research is in the area of contemporary German Studies.

For her PhD she analysed newspapers debates during the reunification of Germany in 1989/90. She has since then published on both the media and literature with a particular focus on questions of nationhood and identity in Germany since the opening of the Berlin Wall. In recent years she has worked and published on the war in Yugoslavia, looking specifically at Germany’s responses to the war.

She is in the process of completing a book entitled 'The things German talk about when they talk about war' which examines fifteen years of German writing about the Balkans.

Before coming to Bath she studied at the University of Wales Swansea and held a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Birmingham. She has also worked at Trinity College Dublin where she is currently External Examiner.

Research Interests

  • Media in Germany and the UK
  • Balkan Studies
  • German identity politics
  • Travel writing



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