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Dr Maria Garcia

Senior LecturerMA(Hons), MA, PhD

1 West North 2.23
Tel: +44 (0) 1225 38 5020


Research Membership
  • UACES Committee Secretary
  • IPSA Research Committee 40- New World Order Chair
  • UACES Research Network on EU-China Relations
GIFTA project

Addressing how free trade agreements are reshaping economic and social rules and governance throughout the globe.

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I specialise in the area of the politics of trade, EU trade policy, and norm promotion through preferential trade agreements.

Prior to joining Bath, I was a Marie Curie International Fellow at the NCRE, University of Canterbury (New Zealand). During this time I conducted research on the various free trade agreement strategies of global economic powers in the region, and the effects of strategic competition on their strategies.

My current projects include a book on the divergent free trade agreement strategies of large (China, USA, EU) and small economies (Singapore, Chile, New Zealand) in Asia-Pacific and their effects on the development of future economic governance in the region.

I am also working on lessons to be drawn for a future UK trade policy from the trade agreement strategies of medium and small states in the Asia-Pacific.

I am co-founder, with Prof. Khorana (Bournemout University) of the GIFTA network of scholars and practioners focusing on the governance implications of the proliferation of preferential trade agreements across the globe.

Research interests

  • Politics of Trade
  • EU Trade Policy (and Brexit)
  • EU-Latin America/EU-Asia relations
  • New types of trade agreements (TTIP, TPP, RCEP)
  • International Political Economy

Current projects


Book Sections

Garcia, M. and Masselot, A., 2015. The value of gender equality in the EU-Asian trade policy:an assessment of the EU's ability to implement its own legal obligations. In: Björkdahl, A., Chaban, N., Leslie, J. and Masselot, A., eds. Importing EU Norms. Springer, pp. 191-209. (United Nations University Series on Regionalism; 8)

Garcia, M., 2014. The EU, China and the trade in 'green' technologies:Cooperation and conflict. In: Deese, D., ed. Handbook of the International Political Economy of Trade. Cheltenham, U. K.: Edward Elgar, pp. 322-348. (Handbook of Research on International Political Economy)

Garcia, M. J., 2014. China's alternative energy sources. In: Yao, S. J. and Herrerias Talamante, M. J., eds. Energy Security and Sustainable Economic Growth in China. Palgrave Macmillan.


Garcia, M. and Masselot, A., 2015. EU-Asia Free Trade Agreements as tools for social norm/legislation transfer. Asia Europe Journal, 13 (3), pp. 241-252.

Khorana, S. and Garcia, M., 2014. Procurement Liberalization Diffusion in EU Agreements:Signalling Stewardship? Journal of World Trade, 48 (3), pp. 481-500.

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Garcia, M., 2011. Incidents along the path:Understanding the rationale behind the EU-Chile association agreement. JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies, 49 (3), pp. 501-524.

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Garcia, M., 2013. American and European Competing Strategies in Free Trade Agreements in the Asia-Pacific. ANU Centre for European Studies. (ANU Centre for European Studies Briefing Paper Series; 4/2)

Conference or Workshop Items

Garcia, M., 2017. The EU-China Comperhensive Agreement on Investment (CAI): Risks of Politicisation.

Non-academic press

Garcia, M., 2017. What the Brexit white paper says (and doesn’t say) about trade. The Conversation


Garcia, M., 2017. GE2017 and International Relations: The Mandate for Brexit Remains Unclear.

Garcia, M. and Portela, C., 2014. ARI Oportunidades Empresariales en Singapur. Madrid: Real Instituto Elcano.

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