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Dr Paul Kennedy

Paul Kennedy

Lecturer in Spanish and European Studies

1WN 2.14
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Dr Paul Kennedy joined the Department in 2000, having previously lectured in the Department of European Studies at Loughborough University.

He graduated from the University of Sheffield and completed his doctoral thesis on the Spanish Socialist Government of 1982-1996 at Cardiff University.

Previously he had worked at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

His monograph entitled 'The Spanish Socialist Party and the modernisation of Spain' was published by Manchester University Press in 2013.

Research Interests

His research interests focus on contemporary Spanish and European history and politics.

His most recent work has considered the impact of the international economic crisis on Spain; forthcoming publications include Podemos and the Art of the Possible (Manchester University Press: 2017), which he is also co-authoring with Dr David Cutts, and Why the Left Loses: Social Democracy in a State of Flux (Policy Press: 2017) which he is co-editing with Rob Manwaring of Flinders University, Australia.



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Book Sections

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Non-academic press

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