Sustainable Procurement Policy and Action Plan

The University of Bath is committed to procuring in a sustainable manner.

This means considering what impact we have on society, the economy and the environment when we buy our goods, services and works. Through our new Sustainable Procurement Policy we aim to ensure that our employees, students and suppliers are aware of the University's commitment to sustainability.

The Sustainable Procurement Policy has been developed in consultation with the University's Sustainability & Carbon Management Steering Group and has been endorsed by the Vice Chancellors Group (25 November 2013).

Sustainable Procurement Policy

We have also produced a Sustainable Procurement Action Plan which details our approach to building sustainable procurement practice into our existing processes and procurement activity.

Sustainable Procurement Action Plan

The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS) sustainability index

The University of Bath has engaged with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) to use the CIPS Sustainability Index as a key part of the ongoing management of our suppliers. The aim is that this will not only help us meet our own sustainability obligations as an organisation, but it will also support our suppliers to promote and enhance their sustainable practices.

The CIPS Sustainability Index is an independent assessment of a supplier's social, economic and environmental impact and by using the CIPS Sustainability Index suppliers can measure their sustainability effectiveness and identify areas of improvement.

We have written to a number of our key suppliers to provide information regarding the CIPS Sustainability index and encourage them to participate. Please note that participation is non-mandatory and is not a pre-requisite to doing business with the University.

For more information about the CIPS Sustainability Index please visit