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Professor David Galbreath BA, MA, PhD Dean of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

David Galbreath is responsible for teaching, research and strategic planning in the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences.

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David Galbreath

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David Galbreath 01225 385936

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David Galbreath was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences in 2016.

David is Professor of International Security in the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies. His research interests are in comparative national security and defence policy, as well as how science and technology affect war, conflict and violence.

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David has worked on foreign and security policy, international regime theory and the political and social inquiry around minority politics in Europe for several years. He held a position at the University of Aberdeen before joining the University of Bath in 2013.

David is AHRC-ESRC Conflict Theme Lead Fellow for the Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security (PaCCS) and Editor-in-Chief of Defence Studies.