University of Bath

Dr Jonathan Gray Prize Fellow

Jonathan is an IPR Prize Fellow studying the politics of public data.


Jonathan is interested in:

  • open data and public data infrastructures
  • science and technology studies, the sociology of quantification and the history/sociology of statistics
  • data journalism, data activism, citizen data and data literacy
  • digital methods, data visualisation and participatory design processes
  • issue mapping and controversy mapping
  • transparency, open government and open policymaking
  • political theory and political philosophy
  • open access, open source and open science


As IPR Prize Fellow, Jonathan is writing a book on 'data worlds' and developing a research programme around the politics of public data. This will include a series of research papers and projects, and a new initiative engaging researchers, civil society groups and public institutions around public data infrastructures. He is also working on a research agenda looking at how emerging digital tools, methods and data can be used in the context of public policy research.


In addition to his academic work, Jonathan has a professional background in the civil society sector, public policy and data journalism. As Director of Policy and Research at the global civil society organisation Open Knowledge, he has founded and co-founded numerous initiatives, including the Data Journalism Handbook, Europe’s Energy, Open Data for Tax Justice, OpenSpending, Open Trials, The Public Domain Review and Where Does My Money Go?. He is on the Advisory Board of the LSE Impact Blog, and of the Fair Tax Mark, a non-profit initiative dedicated to promoting tax transparency and fairness.


Having read for his undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge and pursued study at Master's and PhD level with Royal Holloway, University of London, Jonathan joined the University of Amsterdam as Research Associate at the Digital Methods Initiative in 2014. He is also Research Associate at the médialab of Sciences Po and Tow Fellow at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Columbia University.