University of Bath

Dr Barry Sturman-Mole Research Commercialisation Manager

Barry is responsible for commercialising research outcomes for the University and industry collaborators.


Barry will work with you to commercialise your research through:

  • identifying the commercial value of your research
  • protecting the intellectual property of your research
  • working with industry to commercialise your research
  • negotiating with licensees, investors and partners

Barry supports research commercialisation for physical sciences at the University.


Barry has a background in industrial intellectual property (IP). He has spent thirty years leading industrial in-house IP portfolios, patent attorneys and filing patents across all regions of the world. Sectors include medical instrumentation, gas turbines, downhole technology, sensors and electronics, and telecommunications.

After being headhunted from teaching Physics at Robert Gordon University, he joined Stewart Milne Group as Product Development Manager where his experience of IP originated. Barry advanced through technology investment companies to leading the commercialisation of sensor technology at QinetiQ. This was before heading IP and Commercialisation for the Scottish Government at ITI Scotland Ltd. Prior to joining the University of Bath he was based in Switzerland as Director Patent Management for Alstom.


Barry holds an MSc in Physics from Aston University, a PhD in Materials Science from Sheffield University, and an MBA from the University of Strathclyde.