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Winners of our Images of Research competition

Images of Research is an annual public engagement project that challenges researchers to explain their work in just one image.

People walking around a gallery space
Images of Research are displayed in a public exhibition

Images of Research is a public exhibition in Bath that shows how our research produces real benefits and makes a difference to society. It's organised by the Public Engagement Unit.

We ask our research staff, postgraduate students and academics to submit an image with a description that shows why their research matters. All entries are displayed in an exhibition where members of the public can vote for their favourite images.

Shortlist for the 2017 campaign

2016 winners

Best overall entry

In this category, we were looking for entries where the description and image interact in such a way as to enhance both and that clearly communicate the relevance of the research to the public.

Winner: Tiago Fortunato, Dr Paul De Bank and Dr Giordano Pula (Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology) for Touch base

Lab-engineered human capillaries

Highly Commended: Caroline Hickman (Department of Social & Policy Sciences) for Dogs don’t lie about love

Best image

In this category, we were looking for entries where the images really drew us in, that enticed us to want to know more, and that were of high quality.

Winner: Jamie Francis-Jones and Thomas Wright (Department of Physics) for DNA of an optical fibre

Highly Commended: Ammar Azzouz (Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering) for Hand versus Machine?

Best description

In this category, we were looking for entries that contained clear, non-technical, plain English that really gripped the reader as to the relevance of the research.

Winner: Dr Emma Williams (School of Management) for Focusing on our defences

Highly commended: Dr Cassandra Phoenix (Department for Health) for It makes me feel so alive

Public vote

Winner: Caroline Hickman (Department of Social & Policy Sciences) for Dogs don't lie about love

Runner up: Dr Giovanna Mencarelli (Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology) for A tailored shoe

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2015 winners

Best overall entry

Winner: Dr William Wadsworth (Department of Physics) for Twinkle, twinkle, little dot...

Highly commended: Professor Michael Beverland (School of Management) for Is your diet sustainable?

Best image

Winner: Professor James Copestake and Fiona Remnant (Department of Social & Policy Sciences) and Wolf Ellis (University of Bath partner Evidence for Development) for Questioning the straw man

Highly commended: Dr Eshrar Latif (Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering) for Don’t be deceived by appearances!

Best description

Winner: Professor Mark Weller (Department of Chemistry) for Reflections on light

Highly commended: Renske Visser (Department of Social & Policy Sciences) for Home is where I die

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2014 winners

Best overall

Winner: Dr Jonathan Cox (Department of Chemistry) for Avid fan

Highly commended: Dr Rita Chawla-Duggan (Department of Education) and Dr Susan Milner (Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies) for Why fathers matter

Best image

Winner: Wing Sin Chiu, Dr M Begona Delgadoa-Charro, Professor Richard H Guy (Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology) and Professor Gareth J Price (Department of Chemistry) for A close look at the nail

Highly commended: Dr Matt Roberts (Department of Mathematical Sciences) for Sort it out!

Best narrative

Winner: Dr John Troyer (Department of Social & Policy Sciences) for I see dead people

Highly commended: Dr Tim Gamble and Dr Ian Walker (Department of Psychology) for Making cycling safer

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2013 winners

Best overall

Dr Jonathan Cox for Phantom Nose

Best image

Dr Mark Greco for 3-D beehive

Best narrative

Lisa Fitzgerald, Professor Tony Miles, Dr Sabina Gheduzzi and Tim Holsgrove for Modelling the human knee

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2012 winners

Best overall

Dr Melina Freitag for Come rain or shine...

Best image

Hannah Family, Dr Jane Sutton and Professor Marjorie Weiss for The overloaded brain of a community pharmacist?

Best abstract

Dr Richard Burke for Hidden Details

Highly commended

Dr Chris Ashwin for Reading the love in a face

The public vote

1st place: Dr Melina Freitag for Come rain or shine...

2nd place: Tori Hammond for Alzheimer's disease and the ageing brain

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