Department of Psychology

Psychology part of £1.85 million project to combine real and cyber identities

Thu Jan 19 12:40:00 GMT 2012

Researchers in the Department of Psychology are part of a unique, international project to look at the complex nature of identity, both in the real world and online.

The three year research study, which will investigate our ‘Super-Identity’, aims to tackle the issues associated with unreliable and counterfeit identification and provide a faster and more efficient way of combatting the problem.

Dr Danaë Stanton Fraser will lead researchers Lia Emanuel and Chris Bevan, working in partnership with the universities of Southampton, Oxford, Dundee, Kent, Leicester and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (USA).

Dr Stanton Fraser said: “The SuperID project provides the CREATE Lab with an exciting opportunity to carry out both quantitative and qualitative studies exploring the role of cyber behaviour in establishing identity. With our expertise in human computer interaction we will also be involved in the design of innovative interfaces for the intelligence agencies in the US and the UK.”

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