Department of Psychology

Autism summer school helps young people get to university

Fri Oct 25 09:00:00 BST 2013

The Introduction to University life: Summer school for students on the autism spectrum was a three-day residential school for young people with a diagnosis of ASD held on the University campus in September.

Transitions can be particularly difficult for people with ASD, and the school provided a taster of university life, including lectures on how to manage academic work and what the social environment is like.

Dr Mark Brosnan, from the Department of Psychology, said the benefits for the students were immense. He said: “The summer school was a huge success. It was amazing to see how well the students coped with university life. They all had a great time and felt they benefited immensely from the experience.”

Prior to the attending the school 11 out of the 23 students were actively positive about attending university, which increased to 22 out of 23 after the school.

Dr Ailsa Russell, also from the Department of Psychology, said: “The students were all far less anxious and more positive about university after the summer school. We are hoping to follow up the students after six months to find out just how helpful the school was.”

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Video of the Summer School

Dr Mark Brosnan and Chris Ashwin discuss the project and what the attendees thought of the Summer School.