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Professor Danaë Stanton Fraser Inaugural Lecture: Co-designing technologies that help us collaborate and learn

Thu Dec 19 11:44:00 GMT 2013

Professor Danaë Stanton Fraser presenting her inaugural lecture

— Professor Danaë Stanton Fraser presenting her inaugural lecture.


Professor Danaë Stanton Fraser gave her inaugural lecture at the University of Bath on 27 November 2013 entitled ‘How do we co-design technologies to help us collaborate and learn?’

The co-design process is the involvement of both end users of the technology and industrial partners.

In her lecture she explored numerous research avenues representing work carried out over the past 20 years in this idiom including contributions to: enhancing spatial cognition in a variety of users groups using virtual environments and mobile devices; the development of technologies to support children in both literacy and science learning in the classroom and more recent work exploring identity online and trust in interaction.

She illustrated how her work has gone beyond fundamental research and has thrown up challenges of working in large interdisciplinary teams; the need to move at a fast pace in a discipline where the technology is constantly evolving and the value of a mixed methods approach to methodological rigour.

The lecture was attended by staff and students from across the University.

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