Department of Psychology

Welcome to new psychology students starting in 2014

Fri Sep 19 18:24:00 BST 2014

Student reading a bookWe are pleased to welcome our new students commencing their studies for the 2014/15 academic year in the Department of Psychology.

If you are a new student, then please make sure you visit our induction web pages to ensure you have all the information you need.

Student societies

You may want to consider joining the Bath Association of Psychology Students (BAPS) society during your fresher’s week as this is an excellent way to meet other students with a shared interest in psychology.

Further information for new students

You can take part in the discussions @bath_2014.

If you have any questions regarding your induction then please contact Cynthia Spencer | email:

Please be aware that you all important communication will be made through your University of Bath email address.