Department of Psychology

Academy of Medical Sciences publishes report on reproducibility and reliability of biomedical research

Wed Nov 18 10:56:00 GMT 2015

The Academy of Medical Sciences, BBSRC, MRC and Wellcome Trust held a symposium on 1-2 April 2015 examining the issues surrounding reproducibility and reliability of biomedical research in the UK.

Concerns about the reproducibility of scientific research have been increasingly voiced across biomedical disciplines both in the general and scientific media, sparked in part by a failure by industry to replicate findings in 'landmark' papers and an increase in the number of retracted papers. The consequences are potentially significant for many areas of scientific endeavour, including psychology.

Dr Katherine Button from the Department of Psychology was in attendance and discussed issues with the current model of scientific practice. She commmented: 'it is important to see these challenges as an opportunity to improve the way we do science, and it was encouraging to have so many of the key stakeholders at the meeting'. A report of the symposium was published in October 2015, alongside a statement from the four sponsor organisations. Both documents are availble to download from the Academy of Medical Sciences website