Department of Psychology

Psychology delegation to visit Stellenbosch, South Africa

Mon Feb 01 14:08:00 GMT 2016

A delegation from the Psychology Department will soon be travelling to South Africa to develop research links with colleagues at Stellenbosch University, a University of Bath strategic partner. The visit is being sponsored by the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, as part of the Faculty’s internationalisation strategy.
A particular strength of the psychology team in Stellenbosch is their focus on clinical and health psychology research. The delegation from Bath will spend time meeting with and establishing links with colleagues from the departments of Psychology and Psychiatry at Stellenbosch. On their return, Bath delegates will be sharing their conversations and working to ensure that we build collaborations between our departments more widely, particularly in the clinical / health domains. This will be an exciting opportunity for academics in both institutions to develop international programmes of research.

For further information please contact  Maria Loades or Sarah Halligan