Department of Psychology

Dr Abbie Jordan hosts pediatric pain seminar sponsored by the BPS

Thu Mar 30 12:17:00 BST 2017

The BPS's Research Board has funded 3 seminar days that will bring together researchers, clinicians and young people with an interest in the social challenges faced by adolescents with pain related health conditions.The seminars are being hosted by Dr Abbie Jordan at the University of Bath and Dr Line Caes at the University of Stirling.

The first day of the seminar series was held at the University of Stirling in March.  This helped to set the scene in terms of identifying some of the particular challenges that young people face with taking part in age appropriate activities with peers whilst also managing a long term pain related condition.  In the upcoming two day seminar to be held at the University of Bath in April, the plan is to explore and think more creatively about the different ways in which research is conducted with, and importantly, alongside young people with pain related conditions.

Dr Abbie Jordan said, “As paediatric pain researchers, my colleague, Line Caes and I are interested in learning more about the challenges that living with an ongoing pain related condition pose for young people in terms of enabling them to live socially fulfilling lives that are meaningful to them (e.g. being able to go out with friends).  As most of the existing research in this field has focused on the traditional use of interviews and questionnaires, we chose to focus our BPS funded seminar on investigating more creative ways to study the social challenges that these young people face”.

There are limited spaces still available for the University of Bath seminar on 19-20 April.  For more information and to register online visit the university website.

You can read more why about Dr Jordan and Dr Caes are holding this particular seminar in The Pain of Youth, an article published in the February 2017 edition of The Psychologist.