Department of Psychology

Dealing with stress in everyday life

Tue Sep 12 15:37:00 BST 2017

The purpose of this study is to gain insight into the stress that people experience in their lives and how they cope with stressful situations. Understanding how people perceive stressful events and their ability to cope is important in order to develop ways of helping people cope more effectively with stress.

What does the research study involve?

Participation in the study is entirely voluntary. If you decide to take part, we would ask you first to provide some general information including your age and gender. You would then be asked to complete a computer-based reaction time task. During this task you would be presented with pictures representing stressful life events and coping-related words. We are interested in the speed and accuracy with which you are able to link these pictures and words. Lastly, you would be asked to complete a brief questionnaire about stress and coping.

How long will it take?

The study will take approximately 15 mins (including the questionnaire).

When and where will the research take place?

  • This research will take place until 30th November 2017.
  • It will be held in 10 West laboratories.

Who can take part?

  • All participants must be over 18 years of age.
  • Participants who have no uncorrected visual abnormalities (e.g., colour blindness).
  • Participants who are not suffering from any stress-related condition, as far as they are aware.

Will my taking part in this study be kept confidential?

All information and data provided will remain strictly confidential and all reports will be anonymised. This research has been approved by the Department of Psychology Ethics Committee (Ref. 17-202).

Why should you take part? 

  • For participation, you will be given £5 in cash.
  • There are no significant disadvantages or risks of taking part in this study.
  • You will help to contribute towards important final-year PhD research that may help people’s understanding of everyday stress.

Who can I contact for further information?

If you would like to take part in the study please contact Vangelis by email at