Department of Psychology

Parental Responses to Child Experiences of Trauma: PROTECT Study


Principal Investigator: Dr Sarah Halligan

Research Team: Rachel Hiller (Prize Fellow) and Hope Christie (PhD student).


About this study

A significant proportion of children in the UK are exposed to potentially traumatic experiences (such as accidents, assaults, other events leading to serious injury or sudden serious illnesses). For some children, traumatic experiences can lead to lasting psychological distress. Parents are usually the main source of support for children in coping with any distress.

We are conducting research together with regional hospital emergency departments and child and adolescent mental health services to understand more about how parents can provide support for their child following potentially traumatic experiences.

This study has been ethically approved and is funded by the Economics and Social Research Council. 

Study recruitment has now closed. The research team are in the process of analysing the data that has been collected.

Victoria Williamson (PhD student) led a separate branch of this study, titled the Parent Interview Study. Victoria's study has also now closed for recruitment.

Project outputs and impacts

This research will help us to develop guidance for parents on how to support their child following trauma.

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