Department of Psychology


Our department arranges a number of seminars throughout the year for staff and students to attend. All seminars (unless otherwise stated) are followed by refreshments.

Date Time Speaker/s Title Room
4th October 2017 12:15-14:05
  • Dr Rebecca Pearson
  • University of Bristol
Genetic, behavioural and cognitive mechanisms underpinning the association between mother and offspring mental health problems: mental (M) health (H) intergenerational transmission (INT) -(MHINT) @MHINT2020 8W 2.20
18th October 2017  12:15-14:05
  • Dr Kate Button
  • University of Bath
Instilling scientific rigour at the grassroots: A Consortium approach for student projects  10W 2.47
20th October 2017 13:15-15:20
  • Hosted by Professor Greg Maio
  • University of Bath
  • Professor Alessandra Tanesini
  • Cardiff University
Changing Attitudes in Public Discourse workshop 10W 2.47
1st November 2017  16:00-17:15
  • Professor Mark Brosnan
  • University of Bath
Inaugural Lecture: Are friends electric? Autism in a digital world. 10W 2.47
15th November 2017  12:15-14:05
  • Prof  ValĂ©ry Legrain
  • UniversitĂ© catholique de Louvain


Where is my pain?
Neuropsychological investigations of the spatial perception of pain
8W 2.20
24th November 2017 12:15-14:05
  • Walter Setti
  • Italian Institute of Technology
 Audiobrush: a new way to study and improve spatial memory through sounds 10W 2.47
29th November 2017  12:15-14:05
  • Professor Matthew Rushworth
  • University of Oxford
Self-other mergence: the influence that others exert on our brains 8W 2.20
13th December 2017 12:15-14:05
  • Dr Anna Remington
  • University College London
The Autism Gift? Cognitive skills and their practical application in Autism Spectrum Disorder 10W 2.45/6
7th February 2018 12:15-14:05
  •  Dr Meghan McMurtry
  • University of Guelph in Canada
Not just a poke: Pediatric procedural pain and fear  10W 2.45/6
21st February 12:15-14:05
  • Dr Helga Dittmar
  • University of Sussex
MVO (materialistic value orientation): A Psychological, Social, and Environmental Toxin?  10W 2.47
28th February 17:00-18:00
  • Dame Uta Frith and Professor Christopher Frith
CAAR Annual Lecture - Are Two Heads Better than One? 10W 2.47
7th March 12:15-14:05
  • Dr Petra Vetter
  • Royal Holloway, University of London
Perception, Action and Decision Making 10W 2.45/6
21st March 12:15-14:05
  • Dr Andy Jones
  • University of Liverpool
Loss of control and heavy drinking  10W 2.47
18th April 2018 12:15-14:05
  • Professor Neil McCrae
  • University of Aberdeen
What is it about me? The power of self-relevance 10W 2.47
 2nd May 2018  12:15-14:05
  • Professor Nicola Botting
  • City University
   10W 2.47
 16th May 2018  
  •  Professor Wendy Wood
  • University of South California
   10W 2.47

Further information about these seminars

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