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Professor Griffin is:
  • An elected Fellow of the British Psychological Society
  • A Chartered Member of the BPS
  • A member of the founding Editorial Group for the international journal Feminism and Psychology
She convenes:
  • The Social and Cultural Psychology research group in Psychology
  • The Faculty Childhood and Youth Research Group
  • The Critical Research in Social Psychology Research group in Psychology (CRISP)


Christine Griffin is Professor of Social Psychology at the University of Bath. She was educated at the University of Aston in Birmingham (Human Psychology) and the University of Birmingham (PhD in Social Psychology). She has been involved in a wide variety of research projects on aspects of young people’s lives, often working in multi-disciplinary teams. Much of her recent work explores the relationship between identities and consumption for young people, with a long-standing interest in gender relations and young women’s negotiation of contemporary femininity. She is a leading figure in the development of qualitative research in social psychology.

Professor Griffin has published widely in journals including Addiction: Research and Theory, the British Journal of Social Psychology, the Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, Discourse Studies, the European Journal of Management, Feminism and Psychology, Sociology and the Journal of Youth Studies. Monographs include Standpoints and Differences: Essays in Practice of Feminist Psychology (with Karen Henwood and Ann Phoenix, Sage, 1998); Typical Girls? Young Women from School to the Job Market (Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1985); and Representations of Youth (Polity Press, 1993). 

Career details: 

  • Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology, University of Birmingham (1996-2003)
  • Lecturer in Social Psychology, University of Birmingham (1985-1996)
  • Research Associate, Centre for Mass Communication Research, University of Leicester (1983-1985)
  • Research Fellow, Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies, University of Birmingham (1979-1982) 

Research Interests

  • The relationship between consumption, marketing and social identity for children and young people
  • Young people’s alcohol consumption, the culture of intoxication and the role of social media in shaping ‘everyday celebrity’
  • Social-psychological aspects of gender and class identities, especially young women’s negotiation of hyper-sexual femininity

Current and recent projects include:

  • Alcohol marketing to young people via social media’ study: This two-year project investigates alcohol marketing to young people via  social media, using the research findings to assess the effectiveness of the current Advertising Standards Code of Practice and involving key stake-holders to make suggestions for change. Funded by Alcohol Research UK, the co-investigators are Dr Jeff Gavin (Bath) and Prof Isabelle Szmigin (Birmingham University Business School.
  • Co-Investigator in the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies (UKCTAS), along with Professor Anna Gilmore (Department of Health at Bath) along with 20 other CIs. UKCTAS is a strategic partnership comprising 13 University teams working on tobacco and alcohol research, led by Professor John Britton (University of Nottingham). It is one of six UK Centres for Public Health Excellence funded by the UK Clinical Research Collaboration – comprising the Economic & Social Research Council, The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, the National Institute for Health Research and the Medical Research Council. Each of the institutions involved work collaboratively to deliver original research, policy development, advocacy, teaching and training, with a particular focus on informing policies and interventions to reduce harms to individuals and society from tobacco or alcohol use.
  • More information on the Centre can be found at
  • A three-year PhD studentship funded by the University of Bath on “Young people’s alcohol consumption: The role of social media and new technologies” under Prof Griffin’s supervision, and starting in October 2014 will be advertised shortly as part of the UKCTAS project.
  • Young people, drinking and social media” study: an international inter-disciplinary project based in New Zealand investigating young people’s uses of social networking sites and digital technologies in their drinking cultures, linked to the practice of ‘everyday celebrity’. A Marsden Fund project led by Dr Antonia Lyons (Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand) exploring the experiences of Pacific Island, Maori and Pakeha (European) young people.
  • Young People and Alcohol” study: an inter-disciplinary project examining the branding and marketing of alcohol to young people and the significance of drinking for their social identities and their social lives. Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council as part of the ‘Identities and Social Action’ programme.
  • Music Festivals and Free Parties” project: an inter-disciplinary project investigating the relationship between social identity, branding and consumption in a study of young people’s experiences of leisure sites that are highly commercialised (Music Festivals) and those with minimal external commercial involvement (Free Parties). Funded by the ESRC and led by Dr Andrew Bengry-Howell (University of Southampton).
  • Child consumers” study: exploring the role of brands in the everyday social lives of 7 to 11 year olds, including ‘branded celebrities’ such as David Beckham and Britney Spears. Led by Dr Agnes Nairn (University of Lyons) and funded by the University of Bath.


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Conference or Workshop Items

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Non-academic press

Griffin, C., 2013. Alcohol giants pour into social media’s digital drinking spaces. The Conversation

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