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Professor Danaë Stanton Fraser

Professor of Psychology
Director of Research

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Identity and Super Identity project video

The SuperIdentity project is looking at the links between how we portray ourselves online and in the real world.

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I currently have 6 PhD students. For more details about all our projects please see the CREATE lab website.


Danaë Stanton Fraser is a Professor in Human Computer Interaction and leads the CREATE Lab.

Danaë’s research focuses on the design and evaluation of mobile and ubiquitous technologies for interactivity and learning. Her research interests are in tangible and ubiquitous interfaces for education and transfer of spatial skills from virtual to real spaces in research areas such as technology-enhanced learning, human-computer interaction, ubiquitous computing and spatial cognition. Danaë’s work is underpinned by a process of co-design with end users and industrial partners in the development and evaluation of technologies.

Danaë is a member of the EPSRC ICT Strategic Advisory Team 2015-2018. She has obtained grants from the EPSRC, ESRC, AHRC, charities and industry. She is currently an investigator on the AHRC REACT Hub; the EPSRC Being There project: Humans and robots in public space and the EPSRC SuperID project. She has published over seventy papers in high-impact international journals and conferences. Danaë has held joint research grants with industrial partners including: BBC, BT, Microsoft, Vodafone, IBM, ScienceScope, Nokia and HP.

From 2010-2014 Danaë was Associate Dean for Research in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Bath. This post involves responsibility for University research strategy and includes acting as Chair of Faculty Research Committee, Membership of University Research Committee and Faculty Executive.

Research interests

  • Design and evaluation of technologies for education and learning
  • Trust, security and identity in online environments
  • Social robotics and ubiquitous computing (“Internet of Things”, mobile and tangible technologies)
  • Spatial cognition in real and virtual environments

Research Projects

EPSRC Being there: Humans and robots in public space. With Universities of Exeter, Oxford, QMUL and the Bristol Robotics Lab
AHRC REACT Knowledge Exchange Hub for the Creative Economy. With Universities of the West of England, Bristol, Exeter and Cardiff and the Pervasive Media Studio
EPSRC. SID: An Exploration of Super-Identity. With the Universities of Southampton, Oxford, Leicester, Kent, Dundee and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US.


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