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Dr Debbie Roy

Debbie Roy
Research associate

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Debbie Roy is a Research Associate in the Department of Psychology at the University of Bath and a member of the Social and Personality Psychology Research Group.

Her research interests include the mechanisms which underpin pro-social motivation and pro-social behaviour, including attitudes towards environmental conservation. She also has interests in self-perception, identity and ageing.

As a researcher she is experienced in mixed methods, having  conducted experiments both in the field, in laboratory settings and has also conducted extensive in-depth interviews and focus groups. Most recently Debbie has been working with Dr Andrew Weyman in a large multi-disciplinary project funded by the Medical Research Council, which is a large scale program of qualitative research spanning 6 large NHS Trusts. In particular, her work has been to examine individual beliefs and knowledge (mental models) about working beyond normal retirement age and their impact on employee decision-making about their working lives, and retirement planning. Recent work has included an analysis of how physiotherapists perceive their own ageing and the prospect of working longer.

Debbie spent one integral year at Queens College, City University of New York, U.S.A on the Learning Processes Doctoral Programme, while studying for her MSc in Applied Psychology. During her time at Queens College she was involved in concept formation research and its practical applications. Prior to her academic career, Debbie was a senior manager in the National Health Service and worked closely in cross-discipline and organizational collaborations with a range of health and social care professionals and information managers.

Research interests

  • Pro-social behaviour
  • Decision making in applied social settings
  • Motivation
  • Behaviour Change
  • Ageing and well-being
  • Identity
  • Habits


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