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Debbie Roy is a Research Associate in the Department of Psychology at the University of Bath and has recently started working on the ‘Extending Working Lives in NHS: Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects (with Dr Andy Weyman [Principle Investigator]).  Working in partnership with the NHS Working Longer Review Group the University of Bath, the University of Leicester (Project lead) and the National Institute for Economic and Social Research, have been funded by the Medical Research Council to conduct the four-year study; which is the first systematic examination the implications of the rise in pension age and abolition of mandatory retirement age for the NHS. In particular, it will examine the formation of individual beliefs and knowledge (mental models) and their impact on employee decision-making over working life and retirement planning.

Debbie also worked recently for Professor Julie Barnett who is leading a project funded by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) exploring information preferences and decision-making of people with food allergy when eating out:

Prior to this, Debbie had a three year research fellowship, working for Professor Bas Verplanken on an ESCR/DEFRA/Scottish Government funded HABITs project, as part of the Sustainable Living Research Group. The findings of the HABITSs project were recently the subject of a live debate on behaviour change:

Debbie’s PhD (2010) was conducted at the University of Ulster where she investigated ways to promote energy saving behaviours, specifically consumer decisions to purchase energy saving appliances and the impact of time delays on the choices we make.
Debbie spent one integral year at Queens College, City University of New York, U.S.A on the Learning Processes Doctoral Programme, while studying for her MSc in Applied Psychology. During her time at Queens College she was involved in concept formation research and its practical applications. She obtained her BSc (Hons) at Birkbeck College, University of London and  has also been awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Health Psychology at the University of Surrey.

Prior to her academic career, Debbie was a senior manager in the National Health Service and her time there involved working in a corporate strategic planning team, distilling national policy and strategy and also creating corporate and department performance management and development systems. Her responsibilities also included developing primary and community health care quality standards, and performance indicators, improving information flows,  talking to NHS patients about their experiences to support service evaluation. Debbie worked closely in cross-discipline and organizational collaborations with a range of health and social care professionals and information managers.

Research interests

  • Decision-making processes in applied social settings 
  • Models of social cognition, in particular, how abstract thought and sense of self can influence behaviour choices. 
  • Learning processes.
  • Design of behavioural change strategies to encourage more sustainable and healthy living.


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Non-academic press

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