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Pain management research video

Edmund Keogh has been conducting research into pain management that has shown different people experience pain in different ways.

PhD Supervision

Dr Keogh would particularly welcome applications from prospective PhD students who wish to explore the following topics:

  • Sex differences in experimental pain: psychosocial influences
  • Sex differences in attentional interruption
  • Sex differences in nonverbal pain communication


Ed is Reader in the Department of Psychology at the University of Bath. He is also Deputy Director of The Bath Centre for Pain Research.

His main area of research is the psychology of pain. He has an interest in sex and gender differences in pain, with a particular focuses on psychosocial mechanisms (e.g., emotions, coping). He is currently interested in nonverbal communication, and whether there are sex differences expressions of pain.

A second interest is in the role that cognitions and emotions play in the experience of pain and pain-related behaviours. For example, he has interests in the links between attention and pain, with a focus on understanding how pain can have a disruptive effect on performance. He is also interested in the cognitive biases that may occur within those with a fear of pain.

Ed has general interests in the use of technology within the context of pain and health. His research predominately makes use of experimental methods, and he is a member of the Cognition, Affective Science & Technology Laboratories (CASTL) research group.

Research interests

  • Psychology of pain
  • Sex differences in pain
  • Non-verbal expressions of pain
  • e-health & applied technology


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